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Wilma Bolton

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Photograph courtesy of John Carrigan

The following letter appeared in the Hamilton Advertiser on Thursday 29th June 2006.

I have read Wilma Bolton's book BLACK FACES AND TACKETY BOOTS from cover to cover, it is a work of art and brings a vision of life in the mining communities which even those of us who grew up in these communities did not fully realise.

Although we lived our childhood in the shadow of pit bings and regularly watched the cages go up and down the shafts, spoke the language of the district and heard our people speak of life as it had been, we absorbed so little of the absolute reality of some of the things they spoke of. In the main we contented ourselves with sharing the pride of the communities we lived in.

Because we were children we somehow felt that all that had gone on before we were born was a form of ancient history.

Wilma's book puts everything into proper perspective and all that she describes so poignantly was within touching distance of our own lifetime. She uncovers so much that had been allowed to become dormant, almost an irrelevance, to a society submerged in affluence and materialism

A surprising number of people who have read the book have found the names of family and friends who were involved in some way in the dreadful catastrophes mentioned.

The book is a must for anyone interested in local history, especially those of us who have been brought up in mining communities. Don Boyle. Hamilton .


Copyright 2006 onwards. Wilma Bolton.

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