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Rescuers being lowered down the shaft holding on to wood required to make a platform for the bodies floating about in four feet of water at the bottom of the shaft...

The Udston pit disaster

Dykehead/Summerlee Colliery

Read of the incredible bravery of the men who cleared the blocked shafts in an attempt to reach the entombed miners and a description of the scenes underground.

There are stories about the disaster in Blantyre's No.3 Pit where 26 men died and the overwinding accident which resulted in the loss of 6 lives and included each of these stories are many names of miners who were present or witnesses at the trial of Arthur Clelland the winding engineman who was made a scapegoat for the coalmasters neglect of safety measures to protect the miners.

The forgotten Children

The names of almost 100 children who were killed in the coal mines of Hamilton Parish and the colliery they were killed is also included.

The Village of Quarter

There are stories from Quarter VILLAGE and Quarter Collieries and the names of the miners who were on the 1841 and 1851 census returns. All the men known to have been killed at Quarter collieries are also included.

The Devastation and the Bravery

The story is told of the Udston Pit Disaster with its 73 victims. The bravery of the men who survived the explosion has to be read to be believed. Read how several of the men climbed 700 feet up the shaft in pitch darkness in a desperate attempt to escape being entombed. The names of the men known to be killed at Udston colliery are also included.


Read about the disaster which cost the lives of 13 men and boys is told with vivid descriptions of the unbelievable bravery of the men who rescued of 50 unconscious men and scenes at the pithead as the women and local doctors attempted to revive these men being brought up from the inferno below. Many names are included in this story including the names of all the men known to have been killed at this colliery.

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