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Photograph courtesy of John Carrigan

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Pit Props and Ponies

The Quarter Village evictions

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"The Quarter evictions"

The Village of Quarter evictions. Quarter is just outside Hamilton in Lanarkshire. CLick for a larger image

Udston Colliery "A Naked Light"

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The Udston Colliery story

A Naked Light A true story of Udston Colliery, Hamilton. Click for larger image

The Riots at Ross Rows


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The Riots in Ferniegair

The Riots at Ross Rows Ferniegair, Lanarkshire. Click for Larger image






Pit Props and Ponies, click here to purchase

Pit Props and Ponies is a 216 page book packed with true stories from the coal mines of Lanarkshire. The book is a personalised social history of the Lanarkshire coal miner. It tells who he was, where came from and what he stood for and most of all what he stood up against and includes several thousand names of the old time miners and 217 photographs, many of them dating back more than 100 years.

Included are the names of men who were bonded slaves to the Duke of Hamilton in 1785 and also and the names of the miners who were working in the Quarter pits in 1799 and who without a doubt were also bonded slaves newly freed from slavery following the 1799 Coal Mines Act.

Also included are the names of many of the Irish miners who came over to work in the coal mines during the potato famine and included with the names of many of these Irish miners is their County of origin in Ireland .

As mining technology improved and deep coal pits opened up throughout the county these early miners spread out all over Lanarkshire. Countless thousands of their descendents emigrated to America , Canada , Australia and New Zealand .

The book is an extremely unique and important family history source if you are descended from a Lanarkshire coal mining family.

It contains 105 stories and pit poems. Read the stories of the Quarter evictions and the riots at Ross Colliery, Ferniegair. There are stories from Home Farm Colliery, Eddlewood Rows, Cadzow Rows, Ferniegair Rows. Earnock Rows and many other collieries and colliery rows. Blantyre is well covered and among the stories is the tale of the stay down strike at Dixon 's Collieries, Blantyre and the names of some of the men who stayed underground.

Included are personal memories giving vivid descriptions of life in the miners' rows and also stories written by miners describing their life working underground.

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